Foot & Ankle Implants

While Meshworks’ design and production platform can be used for the production of customised orthopaedic implants for various parts of the anatomy, the company has initially focussed its skills on the area of foot and ankle surgery where there is an obvious perceived demand that is not fulfilled in the UK with a cost-effective, agile and speedy solution.
We are aware that many surgeons understand the role that additive manufacturing has to play in the production of patient-specific implants, and we are equally aware that for many the cost is prohibitive and production times too long.
While maintaining excellence in all aspects of implant design and manufacture, and at all times adhering to stringent regulatory and quality control requirements, Meshworks overcomes the cost and time issues that have been a barrier for surgeons to embrace this crucial process for the production of custom implants.
Meshworks is able to provide various types of custom implants, including:


Following avascular necrosis, trauma, or tumour in the talus, the talus may need to be replaced. The Keystone implant is designed specifically to replace the diseased talus whilst preserving the calcaneus. Implants can be fixed with standard hindfoot nails and cannulated screws.

Articulating Keystone

The talus replacement implant with an articulating surface can be useful following trauma or failure of total ankle replacement surgery. The polished surface moves smoothly against the remaining navicular to preserve motion in the patient’s foot.


Spherical implants are a versatile option, offering a way to correct deformity in indications such as plafond or talus pathology. Custom spherical implants offer an alternative to femoral head allograft in tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis that may improve success rates1.

Animal Study

Meshworks implants are designed to facilitate bone ingrowth, promoting long-term stability of the implant. In a 12-week ovine study of implantation into the femoral condyle, bone grew within the struts making up a cylindrical Meshworks’ implant.

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