Meshworks has been formed to create bespoke implants that perfectly fit their intended patient with an initial focus on foot and ankle orthopaedics.

The company has scientific roots in Oxford and Imperial College London, and consists of orthopaedic design engineers, additive manufacturing specialists, software engineers, and metallurgists. This multidisciplinary team has been guided by leading surgeons throughout all aspects of its research and development, to create an exceptional implant creation process and straight-forward surgeon design experience.

Meshworks is part of the Alloyed group of companies. Alloyed is an advanced materials and digital manufacturing company based in Oxford and combines world-class expertise in additive manufacturing and advanced materials modelling to design, develop, and produce alloys for the aerospace, automotive, industrial, and now the medical sector.
Alloyed’s expertise in meta-material development is being used by Meshworks to research and develop customised alloys for implants that are being designed to exhibit greater elasticity than standard Ti6Al4V, and which can also include medicinal properties that can help reduce infection and increase osseointegration and cell growth.

Such work will enable Meshworks to continue to transform the custom orthopaedic implant sector with a continual focus on optimised patient outcomes and affordable speedy solutions for surgeons.