After prescription, Meshworks designs, manufactures, and delivers implants to your hospital within 4 weeks, or even quicker for urgent cases.

Our implant design pathway enables surgeons to visualise and reposition bones, plan the right surgical approach, and create the perfect implant for their specific patient’s anatomy.
Interest by Surgeon
Enquiry Form Completed
Quote Generated & PO Obtained
CT Scan Uploaded
Day 1
1st Design Meet
Approval of Design
Manufacture & Delivery
Interest by surgeon
Enquiry form completed
Quote generated & PO obtained
CT scan uploaded
Day 1
1st design meet
Week 1
Approval of design
Week 2
Manufacture and delivery
Week 4
After prescription, implants go through several stages before being delivered to hospital. As the prescribing surgeon, you will directly input into the design of each implant, and will approve the final geometry before it is transferred to our factory to be digitally manufactured.
1. Prescription
Send CT scans of the joint to Meshworks by uploading them via our web portal or sending them via your distributor. These scans are used to reconstruct the patient anatomy in 3D. From the time of initial enquiry, Meshworks will analyse the scans and generate a quote within 24 hours, and can immediately fix a time for the first design meeting.
2. Design Meeting
Meet with a Meshworks Design Engineer online to realign the anatomy and plan the surgery. Typically under 60 minutes, the design meeting establishes the corrected anatomy, resections, implant geometry, additional instruments, and any required connecting devices such as nails and screws. By request, Meshworks’ surgeon advisors can be present at the meeting to offer design guidance. With Meshworks based in and servicing the UK territory, liaison between our team and the surgeon is agile and responsive when compared to non-UK suppliers.

Following the design meeting Meshworks will generate a patient-specific Treatment Plan, including drawings of the implant from each angle, a description of the associated instruments required, and an overview of the intended surgical approach. If the design is not quite right, further changes can be made, including a second design meeting if required.
3. Manufacture
After you have signed the treatment plan to approve the design, Meshworks will manufacture the implants, providing three implants of slightly different sizes giving the option to choose the best fit during the procedure. Following a rigorous quality control check, the implants are delivered to your representative or directly to your hospital. Again, being UK-based and serving UK surgeons, we provide the fastest turn-around from enquiry to delivery of under 4 weeks.
4. Surgery
On arrival at the hospital, implants and instruments are sterilised ready for surgery.

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